How To Create A Neighborhood Guide For Airbnb Guests

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Thanks for all the interest I've received from the host community on my neighborhood walking guide. Here is a step by step guide for how to create your own.

This brochure is something that we created for our Airbnb guests that was a big hit and helped us to organize our recommendations without answering a lot of questions via chat. We wanted to share and help you create your own version.

This is a great tool for making recommendations to your guests look more professional, reducing the number of last minute recommendation questions from them during their stay and a way to promote extra services that help drive incremental revenue.

Airbnb Neighborhood Walking Guide

This is a tri-fold brochure. Here is what it looks like on the front & back

Our Airbnb is in a very walkable neighborhood of Chicago (Wicker Park), so our map included places that were all within walking distance, but you can include whatever makes the most sense for your location.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go To

  2. Select Marketing Materials in the top nav

  3. Select Brochures

  4. Tri-fold, 8.5 x 11, premium matte

  5. Quantity is up to you, I find that guests use one per stay (100 is a good start)

  6. Add Accessories - Brochure Holder (Be sure to indicate you want the brochure holder before you start - you can't add it later once you start)

  7. Hit - Start Designing

  8. To find the template I used - on the left rail, you can search by Industry - select "Construction, Repair & Improvement" - you should see this template in that selection

  9. You'll need to design the map yourself. You can do something simple in power point or google sheets and save it as an image - then import that image into the brochure

  10. Add this yellow image to the inside page, so you have lots of room to add your map

Need Help?

If you need help, I can build a custom version for your Airbnb and have the brochures delivered directly to you. Contact me and we can discuss what you want to include and the cost to develop.

If you want to create a custom version with me - you can also choose from these color options:

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